Scalp reduction of hair transplant.

This is the most common and easiest solution of hair transplant that has yielded successful results. For this procedure, the hair from the balding scalp is surgically removed and the scalp area that bears hair is stretched to cover the patches of areas that have been removed.

Follicular unit hair transplant FUT

For decades this FUT has stood out to be most successful hair transport with minimal or no risk at all. In this method, the hair does not only function normally but it also looks natural. It is done by transplanting naturally occurring follicular units by removing a hair bearing strip from a donor and dissected into smaller follicular units which are in turn harvested and transplanted as natural follicular units.

Follicular hair extraction FUE

This is an advanced method of FUT that minimizes the risk involved in FUT such as formation of a linear scar during extraction of donor strip. This method does not require complete removal of hair follicles strip instead hair follicles are extracted from either back or side of the head and implanted to balding area.

Mult-Unit Hair Grafting

This method is suitable for patients suffering from hair loss as it gives them best natural appearance boosting a substantial hair transplant per procedure as compared to FUE and FUT hence fewer procedures required to reach the patient desired fixing goal.

Follicular Unit Strip FUS

In this method, the follicular units are obtained from a donor strip of a non-balding scalp from the side or back of the head and implanted to balding area.

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